“I really lucked out with Tina’s therapeutic yoga class at my hospital. She is an exquisite space holder and has calming energy, ease and wisdom that is so relaxing, you feel like you are in no rush to go home once class ends. I never felt like my poses had to be picture perfect, she always adjusted me with care, and I always felt supported as I did my best. I had major breakthroughs busting through mastectomy scar tissue and body frozenness that I did not even realize I had. My neuropathy and mood greatly improved. I always walked out of class in a much better overall state than when I walked in, and for this, I am deeply grateful.” C.M.

"Tina is able to instantly and intuitively create a yoga plan customized to my energy level and physical priority of the day.  She holds the space for yoga to be a sacred experience." -C.F.

"Although I've been to yoga classes many times, I had never tried a yoga therapy session before my first visit to Tina. I was surprised to discover that it felt more akin to a massage than a yoga class. The restorative poses she put me in helped me to release tension and breathe, leaving me with a sense of calm I hadn't thought possible. I also appreciate how she takes the time to understand your health status holistically beforehand. I'm a convert now to the world of yoga therapy, and to Tina's skilled work in particular. Definitely recommend!" -R.W.

"My session with Tina has really addressed some ongoing health and wellness issues I have been struggling to work through.  Tina has an intuitive nature and is a natural healer.  She opened me up both physically and mentally, and I feel lighter and more focused." -A.T.

"Tina is very responsive to a few challenges I have with my body and works around them to provide sessions that are beneficial, calming and therapeutic. Additionally, she provides tips that can be carried out of the studio and incorporated into your everyday life.  Tina's passion for yoga and commitment to her clients is evident and makes for a really enjoyable experience.  Working with her has definitly been a worthwhile investment in my health and well-being." - M.J.

"My yoga sessions with Tina has drastically changed my life.  I had been suffering from knee pain due to a meniscus tear for over a year.  The pain was still there after the surgery and my movements became limited due to the recurring pain and the tightness of my quad muscles.  I was limping and had difficulty walking up and down the stairs.  Due to limited mobility I began to gain weight, this lead to more pain.. A friend of mine suggested and also referred me to Tina.  I had been skeptical of the benefits of yoga to ease my pain.  Tina understood my pain and was quickly able to put together a yoga routine for me.  She walked me through each posture and the breathing technique.  Thanks to Tina I am pain free today and I have promised myself to diligently follow the routine at least 4 to 5 times a week.  I can now dance (my passion) pain free. I owe it all to Tina. Thank you Tina for changing my life. " -S.M.

"I had a one-on-one consultation with Tina for my ulcerative colitis and had a great experience.  She took her time to understand what I came in for and tailored a specific yoga routine for me.  She also took the time to demonstrated and teach me each stretch and pose so that I was good enough to walk out and start practicing on my own.  I have also taken group classes with Tina, in which she is awesome.  She works at a good pace and pays attention to all of her students.  She is an absolute pro and I would recommend her to anyone at any level that is looking to expand their yoga skills and overall wellness." - A.P.

"Yoga Therapy with Tina has had a tremendous impact on my regular vinyasa practice.  During the initial assessment, she was able to identify muscles that I was overusing (the source of my upper back pain) and which muscles needed more engagement.  She also stressed the importance of incorporating restorative poses into my practice.  She provided me with a set of these poses based off my body's needs." - M.P.